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Jesuit education is world affirming acknowledges God's presence and action in all of creation: in nature, in history and in persons. Therefore, it affirms the radical goodness of the world and it regards every element of creation as worthy of study and contemplation, capable of endless exploration.

Cares for each person: Jesuit education recognizes the developmental stages of intellectual, affective and spiritual growth and assists each student in maturing gradually in all these areas.

Is value-oriented: Jesuit education includes formation in values, in attitudes and in an ability to evaluate once life; encourages a realistic knowledge, love, and acceptance of self. It provides a realistic knowledge of the world in which we live.

Pursues excellence: The Jesuit education helps students to develop the qualities of mind and heart that will enable them in whatever station they assume in life - to work with others for the good of all.

Is to form men and women for and with othersJesuit education helps students to realize that talents are gifts to be developed, not for self satisfaction or self gain, but rather, with the help of God, to be utilized for the good of the human community. Students are encouraged to use their gifts in theservice of others, out of a love for God.

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